Clean Up Assigment - Balto

Clean Up assignment is done.
During this course many people have been telling me how clean is my drawing (and maybe I should loose it up a bit to explore better line movements).

The fact is, in 2002 I was an intern in an animation studio ( and for around a month I did clean up job. My tutor was so strict about the quality of the line, but so strict that somehow this crazy preciseness got into my bloodstream and since then I've been practicing and seeking for the perfect line. 8 years of practice gave me quite a nice confidence of my line quality and a sharp eye to FEEL a good line. Even though, I haven't reached a completely understanding of it and I can succed every now and then, not always...

Ironically, in this clean up week, where I would be able to put in practice all this paranoic idea about the perfect line, the teacher have told me that maybe my line is too clean...too clean!! hahaha
I want to understand that we were working on an animal and therefore it should have a line that could fit with a fur feeling of the animal. Otherwise I just have no idea of what should I do with my "so clean line"

A good line I'm talking about is the line that can show a perfect volume, mass consistence, beautiful angles and curves and wonderful feeling when looking at it. It needs to be done only with a high conscious level, every touch of the pencil on the paper have to be concious and precise. This also can be done only after having a very good knowledge of the drawing that is behind this line. A perfect line on a bad constructed drawing looks very weird.
Not easy at all!

But anyway, having a too clean line makes much easier to relax a bit and go for a sketchy line than having a loose hand and not be able to control it when necessary.

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