It's been a long long time since I last posted something here. I was busy with my internship at Illumination Mac Guff in Paris. The school blog, as my course comes to an end start to lose its reason. I'll may keep it, with a different name perhaps, for there's so much material here.

Another stage of my life is coming and I'm looking forward to see what's gonna happen. Posts will tell what's gonna happen.

This drawing was made at Orsay Museum in Paris in one of my several tours there. The museum has an amazing corridor with sculptures, which on the sides two huge benches go along until the end of the hall. That allow people to sit and contemplate the sculptures for as long as they want. It's an amazing invitation for artist.

Stay tuned, more to come

For a long time I wanted to post this  picture. These are manly the pencils I've used during my first year of animation course and a bit of the second year. They were used during paper drawn animation production and, by sticking the end of 2 pencils together I was able to sharp them until the limit.

To My Dear Next Generation, By Chance - Shot 11

This is the shot 11 of my project I may have done about a year ago.
It's still rough, some frames are missing and the character is suppose to be with his girlfriend (that's why he looks into the screen).
I didn't have the frames of this shot scanned, while selecting the drawings to trow away I almost did with these originals (!!)

Honestly I'm not satisfied with the animation I did here. Specially when the boy stop walking, the arm moves as a follow through but we don't feel the weight of the tire influencing his body. It definitely needs more passion...
These are original rough key frames from a project I developed

My period at The Animation Workshop is coming to an end. Now that I'm having a liitle bit of free time (sorry for not posting all the stuff that have made me very busy during the past couple of months) I've been through a hard selection of drawings. I have so many and, together, they are so heavy. I have selected some nice ones that I want to keep, some I digitalized and others I just had to get rid of...

I was at the top of a hill resting after a bike tour. Laying on the grass looking a lake far down and feeling a nice sun over my skin. But there was a tree in the very middle of my landscape view, I started to reflect about that tree. That's how this phrase, and later the drawing, came.

I've been always  striked at how powerful the Line is. How much volume it can contain in such a simple element. Just by giving the right pressure and the right angle at the right place it is possible to perceive everything. for almost ten years I've been looking for the perfect (hand drawn!!!) line. Yet I still feel I have a very long path to go.
Moreover after achieving this I could go to the fantastic worlds of Shapes, Values, Colors...(sigh) I'm so screwed...
I was feeling pretty rusty with my drawings so I'd decided to go to a Gesture Drawing session. I don't know why I keep feeling a bit lazy at going to drawing sessions, it's so damn good! The model was awesome, impersonating characters and adding sound to the mood.
Here are the result

GreatDane Walk Trot Run Cycle.mp4

I've been doing this Great Dane cycles as a quadruped practice. It's been lots of fun doing it, but very hard too. Especially when you download a free rig and don't really know the character ending up getting caught by the "surprise" the rig has.
I gotta keep this blog running anyway, hehe
I've decided to take my winter vacation to develop color skills. Compared to CG students we, animators, barely had color class. So this is time to make something that is not moving and so important to any designer. I started very basic, learning how the light influence colors and mood on basically one object.
It's a looong way...

Clementine in living room with candles during dusk
Clementine in living room during cloudy winter afternoon

Cat in kitchen during cloudy winter afternoon