To My Dear Next Generation, By Chance - Shot 11

This is the shot 11 of my project I may have done about a year ago.
It's still rough, some frames are missing and the character is suppose to be with his girlfriend (that's why he looks into the screen).
I didn't have the frames of this shot scanned, while selecting the drawings to trow away I almost did with these originals (!!)

Honestly I'm not satisfied with the animation I did here. Specially when the boy stop walking, the arm moves as a follow through but we don't feel the weight of the tire influencing his body. It definitely needs more passion...

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  1. Hey, I'm an italian illustrator and I'd like to know- are classes in english, or danish?

    1. Hi Pietro,
      I'm answering almost an year later! hahah So sorry for that...I suppose you already got the answer...It's in english.

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