Tom Animation

This is a small shotI've decided to make by my own. I wanted to animate a character I have and went through internet to search for a voice that could match with his personality. I've found a Tom Waits interview and got amazed with this phrase. Although the voice didn't really matched with the character and I had to create a new one.
The shot is rather unfinished, especially at the end, but as an exercise it's been great. I'll might do another 2 or 3 seconds at the end just to have a whole finished performance.

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  1. You, in the Animation Workshop, do great stuff! I would like to ask you, if you have proper class where your tutors teach you how to animate the head, as I think it's quite hard to animate the head and the different positions of it, the eyes, mouth etc, you learn it by yourself, or it's just come naturally?

  2. We have a quick assignment making a head turn, but in fact, the head is as difficult as any part of the body. Animators just need to pay an extra attention because is basically the part the audience look at most of the time.
    To answer your question a good head animation depends on a good structure drawing. It's during the sketch (second or third pass) that I usually make sure what is where in the face. I hope this can help. If you have any more question just let me know ;)